Monday, September 30, 2013

Just another History.

Just minutes more to go, my first 21 years on earth will be another part of my history. I can’t believe it!! It feels like it was just yesterday (Okay. Sound so cliché. haha) when I had my balloons given to me by my forever friends and few hours from now I’m turning 22 already! Gaad! Time flies really fast whether you’re having fun or not. Btw, I don’t know what exactly I should feel. The fact that I’m becoming a year older again makes me feel pressured.  Pressured in a way that I should have my own kind of living by now yet I am still here at my comfort zone. It’s not what I exactly hoped for. I told myself before that at this age I should be independent already but it seems like things are different from what I used to think. But anyway, to cheer me up, I still feel so happy and blessed for all the things I have now. They may not be part of the plan, I am definitely sure they are what I need and they are more than those what I wished to have! J

 At the age of 21, I became fully aware about my life. This is where I finally started to think about my future. Compared before when I was still a student, it was totally different. I am such a happy-go-lucky one then. I didn’t think what is going to happen after doing something horrible or let’s say, deciding something base on my current emotion. Well, it’s my past and I learned a lot of things from it which makes me who I am now. I think, whoever this person I am at the moment, I am certain she is not the person she used to be back then. I’m wiser now and a lot better! J

Before I welcome another year in my life, I would like to call to mind some of my dreams that came true…
  • Sleepover with my favorite people on earth- Highschool Barkada!!
  • Visited Singapore.
  • Featured to an online shop.
  • Passed the board examination for Nutritionist Dietitian.

Well, passing the licensure exam has been out in my bucket list since I decided not to take the exam last year but it seems that God has it in store for me and I guess it is the reason why I did not get a chance to work in Sg.  Oh well, I thank God for giving me this wonderful gift after all!!! Now I learned that no matter how much you try for something just to have it if it’s not yet time for you to have it, and then go on! Just always have faith in God. Always trust him. In times of trouble, that means God is still working! J
Now, I will welcome my 22nd birthday with full of positivity and believe that soon I will have the things I’ve hoped for..



Friday, September 27, 2013


The word tattoo is derived from the Polynesian word ‘ta’ which means striking something
and the Tahitian word ‘tatau’ which means ‘to mark something’.

I know everyone is familiar with the word and what it means. This thing has been with us 5000 years ago and until now, a lot of people still want to have their own. The fact that everybody is getting more creative at this instant; it’s no wonder why tattoo lives this long.

Tattoo is very intriguing. It has a lot of meanings. Some of these are name of someone who is special to them, a number, sign or even words that they want the world to know about them and for some, its curiosity that prompts them to do so. Whatever could be the reason, I am convinced that tattoo is really one of the finest things that humans have ever invented!!!

So, let’s go to my point why I am talking about tattoos! Haha! The other day, I together with my friends went to a place where you can have your own hena. Hena is another alternative for tattoo. It is a tattoo-like-thing. HAHA. They only differ on how long they can last. Henna last only for a week or two but tattoo, it will stay as long as we want it. okay, fast forward. After seeing their different design, my friends and I decided to give it a try. So tomorrow will be the day! And I am so excited! We already chose a design. Actually, it was me who chose. Haha. And it would be a Dream Catcher! Gaad! The first time I saw it, I already said it’s my final pick. But then, we are not yet decided which part of our body we are going to have it on. I will give you an idea what Dream Catcher looks like. Here!

Don’t you just love the color and the design? If ever I want to have a tattoo in future, it will still be my pick!!!
Anyway, I got my first Hena during my 18th birthday and I felt sort of awkwardness having this thing before because of some family reasons. Haha. 

My First!

Here, I would like to share my favorite cover of The One that Got Away- which is my favorite song at the moment. This is also my LSS now. I love the meaning of the song! That’s it!

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